AISLES – The Yearning FREE CD (Just pay shipping)


Thank you for listening! We’re glad you like our music. Being a prog rock fan we are happy to offer you a FREE COPY of our first album, ‘The Yearning’. You only need to pay a small shipping cost based on your location and we will send it directly to your door!

1. The Wharf that Holds his Vessel (11:20)
2. Uncertain Lights (4:04)
3. Clouds Motion (7:06)
4. The Rise of the White Sun (4:56)
5. The Shrill Voice (4:59)
6. The Scarce Light Birth (7:34)
7. Grey (16:39)
Total running time: 56:39

You’ll get: The Yearning CD ($15.00 value) + The Yearning digital download ($9.00 value). That’s a $24.00 value but you’ll get it for free. You just have to cover the shipping cost!

SHIPPING FEES (We ship from Chile):
North, Central & South America: $9.90
Europe, Oceania, Africa, Asia: $11.50
Chile: $4.990 pesos

Sounds good? Get a taste below!

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