About Us

Presagio Records is an independent label founded in 2012. We are mainly focused on styles such as progressive rock, art-rock, jazz, fusion, and avant-garde. We are a team with a vast experience in marketing, management, advertising, press, and public relations.

We have carried out successful work in Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Today, our releases are available in the United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, and Sweden, among other countries.


We strongly believe in the artist’s freedom, we value originality and seek to develop it to its fullest. We want to be the medium through which artists expose their work, with fair methodologies that value music creation.



Our main focus: helping our artists to develop their careers and amplify their vision. We map out a plan and execute it, to organize their needs and promote their music.


Presagio reaches physical and digital retailers. Our partners in the US, Europe and Japan place our catalog at the right record stores, at the right time. Our content is also offered in a broad variety of online stores and streaming and download platforms, like iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, Google Music and Tidal.


We create awareness about our artists’ work on digital and printed media and design a specific plan to reach captive and new audience and to spread their music locally and internationally.


We are proud to offer copyright administration. We work for our musicians’ best interest to protect their income, to ensure data accuracy and to control their art. We partner with publishing companies in Europe and the US to make sure our artists get paid for their content.