We’ve just released the song “Thanks to Kafka” on all digital platforms.

“Thanks to Kafka” was influenced by the darker side of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson and the melancholy of Radiohead. It is also the first single where guitarist Germán Vergara takes the lead, with a nod to Lou Reed’s interpretation, and marks a stylistic shift in relation to the three previously released singles, “Fast”, “Disobedience” and “Megalomania ”:“ ‘Thanks to Kafka’ is totally introspective. It is based on the idea of people who did not find answers to their existential problems or who lost the battle of life,” says the musician. The writer Franz Kafka was the perfect reference to define this internal struggle, because “he speaks from defeat and approaches it from those dark places,” says Germán.

The track was recorded at Estudio del Sur, produced and mixed by Angelo Marini and Germán Vergara and mastered by American engineer Randy Merrill (Muse, Paul McCartney, Beck, Liam Gallagher). In addition, it is the fourth single from the band’s new studio album, after the release of “Fast”, which came out on June 4, “Disobedience”, released on July 15, and “Megalomania”, on August 27.

The cover was created by designer Jean Pierre Cabañas from Médu1a (winner of the Pulsar Award for Best Art of the Year for “El vuelo del Pillán” by Kuervos del Sur in 2017). “We wanted to pay tribute to Kafka – Germán points out – you can see in the image that there is a skull with a hole like a person who committed suicide by shooting themselves, and the cockroach symbolizing depression”.

The group, formed by Germán Vergara, Felipe Candia (drummer), Rodrigo Sepúlveda (guitar), Juan Pablo Gaete (keyboard), Israel Gil (vocalist) and Daniel Concha (bass), has finished recording their fifth studio album, which will be released during the next months. In this new album, they have left behind the concept and sound of “Hawaii” (2016) to open up to a more direct and powerful sound influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree, Rush and Animals As Leaders. “We have done a very exhaustive job: we put pressure on ourselves to change our paradigm,” says the producer and guitarist.

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“Dear Friends:

We’re immensely happy to be sharing with you Megalomania, the third single from our fifth album. Megalomania is one of the first songs we started working on when we were leaving Hawaii behind. There are some versions of this song from band practices dating back to May 2018, with Sebastián still on vocals.

Felipe remembers Germán first showed them the intro and outro riff at a band practice where they and Juan Pablo were present. At the beginning, the song had a progressive-Latin feel (as a matter of fact, the name of the demo file was Post-Earth Latin), but as we added new parts and instruments it transformed and took a rockier direction. We finally added the 8-string guitars and the song found its final sound and mood.

It’s an important song because to a great extent it defined the sound of the music we would start making. When we were still playing the Hawaii shows we started wanting to try something different, heavier, more direct, and although the content, themes and lyric of our songs have always been crucial, and will continue to be so, we wanted something less conceptual, less baroque.

We like every person to have their own interpretation of our songs, but in general terms Megalomania is about being obsessed with pursuing an objective, about having a dream an trying to fulfill it at any cost, being willing to sacrifice everything for it. In our case it’s our obsession with the life project of being musicians, with committing to art, and the ambitions we have as a band. That dream has been a difficult, sometimes self-destructive road, and it’s been full of frustration and loss, but we have always kept on. It’s a recurring subject in our music, at least since 4:45 AM.

We have high hopes for this song and the video. Please let us know what you think. We really want to hear your opinions!

A huge hug from all of us”

Rodrigo, Germán, Felipe, Israel, Juan Pablo, Daniel

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From Aisles:

“We’re very happy to share with you ‘Disobedience’, the second single off our fifth album. As reflected by its title, the song is about disobedience to others, to dogmas, and creeds as a positive act of seeking identity, about commmiting to a genuine life project. There is also a sense of overcoming guilt, starting over and forgiving yourself.

Musically, we went for a heavier sound, slightly influenced by djent, and this is the first time we’ve used 8-string guitars so explicitly. In turn we wanted to combine that heaviness with catchy melodies and elements of fusion.

The song was recorded at Estudio del Sur, produced by Angelo Marini and Germán, mixed by Pepe Lastarria (Kuervos del Sur, Nunca Seremos Dichosos) and mastered by American engineer Randy Merrill (Muse, Paul McCartney, Beck, Liam Gallagher)”.

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From Aisles:

“The day has come! Our first new song in five years, “Fast”, is out! The track has been released through Presagio Records on all digital platforms and it is a preview of our fifth studio album, which will be available during the next few months.

This frenetic song was influenced by the power of bands like Foo Fighters and Muse, but with our unmistakable exploratory touch. German says, “the song and the lyrics are inspired not only by my personal life, with a very hard break-up, and the departure of Sebastián, my brother, from the band, but also in the global social crisis that has this end-of- a-cycle feeling. Fast is about following a purpose with all the energy you have left”. That feeling was translated into an accelerated-paced vibe, with intense guitar riffs.

“Fast” is also the first new song with our vocalist, Israel Gil, after the departure of Sebastián in 2018. The track was recorded at Estudio del Sur, produced by Angelo Marini and Germán, and mastered by American engineer Randy Merrill (Muse, Paul McCartney, Beck, Liam Gallagher)”.

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Check out Aisles’ Rush Cover

From Aisles:

“As promised, we continue to create new content and you guys will always be the first ones to have access. Here’s our version of Red Sector A by Rush, one of our favorite bands and one which has undoubtedly been an influence on our music and a source of inspiration for decades. The subject of the original song is a bit harsh, but we feel the lyrics have gained a whole new meaning due to the world’s current situation. Resilience and perseverance have been crucial attitudes, both at a personal level and for the band.

Much love”



“We are glad to introduce you to our new singer, Israel Gil, with a newly done version of our song “Smile of Tears”, which we originally released on our album “In Sudden Walks (2009). The track has a strong electronic influence from Depeche Mode’s eighties era, brought to the 21st century. The song was recorded during the pandemic, and it reflects the irony of our contact through social media and online meetings, where we pretend on camera that we are happy, but hopelessness is eating us up on the inside. Israel is replacing our longtime vocalist Sebastián, who stepped down as frontman in October, 2018.

We discovered Israel, a classical trained musician and student of Music Theory at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, through the social network Vampr, an app that connects musicians from all over the world who share common interests. After an intense audition process, where Israel had to learn old and new songs of the band, we finally chose him because of his natural talent, his discipline, his attention to detail and his friendliness. We love his voice and we hope you love him too!

We are still working on our fifth studio album, which will be released by the second semester of 2021. Most of the music is already recorded, we only need to record the voice and we hope to start showing new songs in the first months of next year. Our new material leaves behind the sound and visual complexity of “Hawaii” (2016), keeping the melancholy and instrumental passages that have defined us throughout our career, adding influences as Porcupine Tree and Animals as Leaders”-

Hear Smile of Tears on Spotify

AISLES’ ‘LIVE 2014’ EP now on streaming platforms!

Aisles’ first official live recording, until now only available on their Bandcamp page, is now on all streaming platforms for your listening pleasure. Read the message from the band below:

Hi everybody!

Some of you were already aware of this live recording, which was available only on our Bandcamp page since August, 2015, but now we’ve just released these three songs on digital platforms so you can listen to them wherever you are. Our EP is called “Live 2014” and it includes the tracks “Hero”, “Shallow and Daft”, and “The Sacrifice”. This set was recorded in December, 2014, at sala SCD Bellavista, in Santiago, Chile, during the promotional cycle of our album “4:45 AM”. You can check videos from that show here.

Also, we want to thank you for your loving support and patience. We are tirelessly working on our new album, which will be a departure from “Hawaii”. It will include eight tracks, with a heavier, more contemporary vibe, and it will be based on the dark complexity of city life. Our goal is to be constantly exploring new sounds and techniques to surprise you and ourselves. 

We invite you, in the meantime, to listen this live recording, and to keep enjoying our music. 

Much love


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INVICTOR estrena su disco debut

“An Infinite Second”, el fascinante debut independiente de Invictor (el proyecto en solitario del guitarrista de Crisálida, Damián Agurto), ya se encuentra disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.

El álbum instrumental es un homenaje al padre de Damián, Víctor, quien falleció en enero de 2018. Marcado por este suceso, el guitarrista canalizó su pasión por las seis cuerdas a través de este proyecto para concluir la etapa más difícil de su vida. “Después de lo que pasó con mi papá, quise volver a mi vida normal, tocar mis canciones, e iniciar el proceso de mi carrera solista”, señala Agurto. El trabajo está compuesto por nueve temas, entre los que se encuentran los singles “An Infinite Second”“Angelique” y “Econ”, y es un viaje por influencias que van desde el thrash de Metallica hasta referentes actuales como God Is An Astronaut, Plini, Katatonia, Tesseract y Periphery. “Traté de que la textura del álbum sonara muy moderna –explica Damián- sin nunca caer en lo plástico”.

El primer álbum de Invictor fue producido por Pepe Lastarria (Kuervos del Sur, All Tomorrows) y registrado junto al baterista Cristóbal Orozco (Octopus), el bajista Braulio Aspé (Crisálida) y el tecladista Mauricio Olivares (Crisálida) en estudios Lastarria, C.O. Drumlab, y Santuario Sonoro entre agosto y noviembre de 2018. “Aprendí muchísimo de ellos durante todo el proceso, fue una experiencia enriquecedora”, menciona el guitarrista. “Es un disco muy rico de escuchar –dice Lastarria con respecto al sonido de “An Infinite Second”- es como un viaje, como una película. Tiene partes histriónicas, pero es un álbum para fluir”. En cuanto a su trabajo con Agurto, el productor señala: “Damián tiene un talento desbordante y apunta a hacer las cosas como se deben hacer, de forma profesional, y sin duda que este material lo refleja”.

Invictor es un proyecto de estudio que Damián Agurto planea llevar a cabo en forma paralela a Crisálida. “Toda la validación que nos han dado en los últimos años me ha dado la confianza para componer música, tanto en forma solitaria como con Crisálida”, sostiene el músico endorsado por Ibanez, “solo depende de mí seguir adelante”. El artista realizó un pre-lanzamiento de su música en vivo el pasado 3 de agosto en sala SCD Egaña, que fue calificado por el sitio Chilean Skies como “un debut soñado”.

“An Infinite Second” está disponible en SpotifyYouTubeApple Music, y todas las plataformas de streaming.

INVICTOR lanza nuevo single y anuncia fecha de disco debut

Tras un largo periodo de trabajo, Damián Agurto, guitarrista de Crisálida, ha debutado como solista con su proyecto INVICTOR, donde explora el lado más oscuro de su sonido en formato instrumental. Hoy lanza su tercer single, “ECON”, el más pesado de su primer álbum, “An Infinite Second”, que saldrá el 22 de noviembre. “Es el tema que engloba la propuesta de la banda. El disco reúne muchas sonoridades, pero éste fue el que me dio la dirección que quería seguir. Ahí concentro influencias desde el thrash hasta el djent”, describe Damián. El título del track, “Econ”, se inspira en una idea de Richard Thaler, Premio Nobel de Economía 2017 y experto en finanzas conductuales, quien llamó econ al homo sapiens, por su comportamiento irracional en la vida económica. “Pensé en cómo el ser humano ha ido destruyendo gradualmente el planeta, y terminé inspirándome en el libro Portarse mal de Thaler, que muestra la manera en que nuestras malas decisiones nos han afectado como sociedad”, explica el guitarrista.

“ECON” está disponible en SpotifyYouTubeDeezerApple Music y todas las plataformas digitales , y es el sucesor de los singles “Angelique” “An Infinite Second”.

INVICTOR debuta en vivo junto a CRISÁLIDA

El próximo 3 de agosto a las 20:30 horas en Sala SCD Plaza Egaña, se presentarán por primera vez en conjunto las bandas de metal progresivo Crisálida e Invictor.

Crisálida viene de regreso de una exitosa serie de conciertos realizada durante el mes de junio, que incluyó el paso por el festival Rock the Coast (Málaga, España) junto a Opeth, Rainbow y The Darkness, y en el festival Comendatio (Tomar, Portugal), donde compartieron cartel con Tesseract y Leprous. El show de la SCD Egaña será el primero tras su gira por Europa e incluirá canciones de su nuevo disco, que se encuentra en pleno proceso de producción.

Invictor es el proyecto solista del guitarrista de Crisálida, Damián Agurto, el cual debutará en vivo en esta fecha. Acá, el músico explora su veta instrumental, con influencias que van desde la oscuridad de Katatonia al post rock de God Is An Astronaut y el carácter sonoro de Plini. Este 3 de agosto tocará junto a los músicos Braulio Aspé (bajo, Crisálida) y Pablo Stagnaro (batería, Hidalgo) e interpretará los dos singles que ha estrenado, “An Infinite Second” y “Angelique”, más nuevos tracks de su primer disco, que será editado próximamente.

Las entradas para este concierto único tienen un valor de $5.000 y se encuentran a la venta a través del sistema Eventrid.